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established 1988

Unit 3C Perseverance Business Park, Hereford, HR4 9SN

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Fixed Price Servicing

Honest Professional Servicing - With NO hidden Extras

We work to a fair, fixed price servicing menu, ensuring that all of our service and repair prices include all labour and parts.

We do not replace parts that are not yet at the end of their life, we will simply advise you when they may need replacing.

We will contact you for authorisation prior to any additional work being carried out.

Please note, all prices quoted exclude VAT

Max engine capacity 2ltr (max 5ltrs oil) apply to all below
up to 1800cc
from £180
Oil and filter change (pre flush engine internal cleaner additive used)
Air filter change
Visual Checks:
  • Brake fluid level & moisture content
  • Coolant level & anti-freeze strength
  • Exterior lights operation & condition
  • Condition & function of windscreen wipers & washers
  • Tyre condition & tread depth (excluding spare)
  • Instrument lights & illumination
  • Horn operation
  • Gears check
  • Clutch check
  • Steering check
  • Brakes, discs & pads (all visible brake parts, wheels not removed)
  • Condition of driveshaft, steering, suspension joints/gaiters & exhaust
Service indicator re-set
up to 1800cc
from £225
As Bronze +
Renew fuel & pollen filters
Top up all fluid levels
Lubricate door hinges & locks
Adjust headlamp aim & maximise beam pattern efficiency
Jack up vehicle & check for wear in suspension & steering components
Spray corrosion inhibitor on brake pipes & fixings
Check & correct tyre pressures.
up to 1800cc
from £285
As Silver +
All wheels removed
Thorough check of brake components (remove rear brake drums for inspection of rear shoes/cylinders)
Refit & adjust handbrake travel
Check brake efficiency on rolling road
Check air condition efficiency
Check battery & charging system efficiency
Add fuel injection cleaner to tank
from £115
Oil & filter changed with pre flush additive
* Please note, an additional charge is applied for certain makes and models ... more detail

Additional Service Components

We will advise if any of these are required

  • Cambelt renewal (from £195)
  • Brake fluid renewal (from £45)
  • Spark plugs renewal (from £35)
  • Laser tracking adjust & steering wheel correction (from £40)
  • Bosch Wiper blades in stock 10" to 28" std & aero fitting & upgrade kits.

Useful pointers to the type of service your vehicle may require

Comfortable reception area available with free hot drinks

Courtesy car available for a small fee on repairs only

Prices shown are subject to VAT at 20%.

Choose which service option you require, drop us an email or call us on 01432 264967 and we'll book you in.

*Please note, an additional charge is applied for certain vehicles where extra labour is required.

For example, most Audi's will require under tray removal to access the sump plug/oil filter for oil drainage and filter replacement. This increases labour time, especially if the sump plug is damaged and under tray fixings are seized because they have never been removed (main dealerships usually siphon the oil from the dipstick which can leave harmful residue in the sump that can damage the engine, we always use an oil flush agent to clean the internals prior to draining your oil - what is the point of adding clean oil to a dirty engine!)

Please call/email to check pricing for your vehicle